There is an intrinsic human need to share stories.


To be heard


To be valued


To have a voice



Through telling the stories of our everyday lives

we reconnect to ourselves, to each other,

and to our community.



Kate Heaslip, 2013

At the Book Incubator™  we provide safe, nurturing and inclusive opportunities for people of all ages to tell, write and publish their personal stories.  Our programs are designed to reconnect to themselves and to their communities..


Founded by Kate Heaslip, the Book Incubator™, provides a safe and authentic place for people to tell their stories. The Book Incubator™ runs workshops that are inclusive; accessible to all ages, all abilities and have no barriers. Our programs are designed to enable and support people as they tell their own stories, discover new things about themselves and connect on a deeper level to their personal history.


The Book Incubator offers programs that enable people to tell their stories through different mediums. In today's product driven world, at The Book Incubator™ we take a step back and focus on the importance of the individual and the importance of the process.  Through interaction, discussion, playfulness and carefully constructed guidelines, our small group workshops help people to find their voice as they craft and tell their stories in an authentic manner.


Our programs are empowering tools for self expression that encourage positive outcomes for all participants regardless of any perceived boundaries. They are fun, challenging, and achievable.  Creativity is an innate part of being human. Across the world people access their creativity from the time they are babies by engaging in music, dance, drawing and storytelling. All too often these creative skills are diminished as we grow into adults - we often develop a false belief that specialised artistic skills are required to create meaningful pieces of creative art - and we stop creating. At the Book Incubator we gently confront this sense of inadequacy with adults as we encourage and support the creative self expression of all participants in our workshops.  The creation of personal narratives touches both the creator and the reader very deeply.


The creator has an opportunity to be listened to and have their voice heard through their story telling - a highly charged achievement for anyone. The reader is often moved to reflect on their own life experiences, treat others with greater compassion and see the joy in the little things that life has to offer. The sharing of stories has the capacity to make a real difference in the world whether the stories are published online or in print.


Our community workshops are custom designed for specific community organisations. We work with people of all ages who have suffered the effects of  trauma, sexual and domestic abuse, dementia and grief,  young mums, people wanting to tell their birth stories, youth groups,  the elderly, carers of children with disabilities, children and adults with disabilities. Our scope is broad and our workshops are customised to meet the best outcomes for your community group.


Based in Western Australia our team loves to travel and our programs can be run anywhere in the world. Please feel free to contact Kate directly to discuss the possibilities.

the possibilities.


Small Group Workshops:

We run customised workshops for the general public, community groups and schools to ensure that the best outcome for all participants is achieved. Our workshops have significant mental health benefits for children and adults alike.orld make music, draw, dance, and tell stories. As they grow to adulthood, they often internalize the message that producing art requires a special and innate gift, tendency, or skill. Many people simply give up and never return to creative practice. Confronting this sense of inadequacy and encouraging people in artistic self-expression can inspire individual and community transformation.


From Storyboard to Print : As the name suggests, this workshop takes participants through the whole process of creating a book - from storyboard through to print. When the final story and illustrations are ready, our editing team check for spelling and grammar errors. The voice of the author is not touched. The final copy and illustrations then go into our design studio where our designers prepare each book individually and ensure that the final product clearly reflects the voice of the author. The books are then sent to print and upon return the workshop group meets again for a book launch where the new authors and illustrators are celebrated.


Mini Mees : The Mini Mee workshops teach participants to use polymer clay to sculpt small replicas of themselves:  the workshops become a powerful space for people to reflect on themselves, confront their own self critic and develop new skills. Starting with lumps of clay and wire armatures participants in the Mini Mee workshops create small three dimensional self portraits. Something very special and self affirming happens as partipants in this program protectively craft these three dimensional self portraits. about holding a miniature of yourself in your hand and protecting it.


Talking Books : Talking books are a very powerful tool to tell a personal narrative. These digital stories can be kept for personal use, shared on social media, via email, and on websites - the choice is up to the author. In the workshops the stories are written,  the author's voice recorded and used as a voice over on top of images that represent the story being told. Talking  Books are a fabulous way to sharing stories and engage an audience using digital technology. In these multi-modal workshops participants learn story structure, visal literacy techniques , and the art of digital story telling through the use of easily accessible software and editing tools.


Facilitator Workshops:

Our one day intensive facilitator workshops will provide you with the skills to listen, engage and facilitate opportunities for other people to tell you thier stories in a safe and authentic manner.


Facilitator Workshop for Community Care Workers: Our one day intensive facilitator workshops will provide you with the skills to listen, engage and facilitate opportunities for other people to tell you thier stories in a safe and authentic manner. By participating in a facilitator workshop you will understand the process and be better able to assist your clients as they tell their stories. We strongly reccomend that community care workers attend a facilitator workshop before we run a workshop with your community group.


Facilitator Workshop for Teachers:  Our one day intensive facilitator workshop provides you with the skills to create talking books in your classroom with your students as a pedagogical strategy. The workshop includes an introduction to talking book software, storyboarding and the creation of a talking book.


Book Publication and Writing Workshops for Individuals


Are you a blogger looking for another way to connect with your audience?  Not sure where to start?  Need to know where to go next?


Have you got a story that you want to prepare for publication but are not interested in the group workshops?


Working directly with Kate and her team, we offer a personalised service to help you to format, edit and create your book for the print and digital marketplace. Please contact us directly for more information on this service.

Kate Heaslip Founder and Creative Director

M.Des, BDes, GradDipED


Kate’s belief that everyone has a story to tell drives every creative program and workshop that she develops and is the driving force behind the foundation of the Book Incubator.  Kate has  a wealth of knowledge of the creative industries that comes from decades of experience and commitment to all things arty. She teaches writing and design at the tertiary level, in schools, and runs creative workshops with businesses, community groups, schools and the general public.


Known for her empathy and compassion mixed with a rather wicked sense of humour, Kate has the ability to quickly  create a bond with the people that she works with.


Kate's belief in the importance of written, visual and oral literacy though the medium of  storytelling  sees her as a sought after speaker in the corporate sector, in communities and at creative forums.

photo credit; Sash Milne

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