about us Susan Unwin, at the book launch of her book Medical Mayhem in 2018
The Book Incubator™, provides a safe and authentic place for storytelling. Our programs are designed to support people as they tell their stories, discover new things and connect on a deeper level to their personal history. Our programs are inclusive and reflect the needs of the workshop participants. At the Book Incubator we take a step back from today's product driven world,and focus on the process and the importance of the process foe each individual. Through carefully developed workshops, people of all ages find their voice as they craft and tell stories. The creation of personal narratives touches both the author and the reader very deeply. The author has opportunities to have their voice heard through their story telling and the reader is often moved to reflect on the experience of the writer and through their own life experiences. Our programs are empowering tools for self expression. They are fun, challenging, and achievable. Our scope is broad and our workshops are customised to meet the best outcomes for each group. We work with people of all ages. We have worked with people who have suffered the effects of trauma, sexual and domestic abuse, dementia and grief, young mums, people wanting to tell their birth stories, youth groups, the elderly, carers of children with disabilities, children and adults with disabilities. Everybody has a story! Based in the South West of Australia, our team loves to travel and, now that we are online, our programs can be run anywhere in the world.
 Writing and Publishing for Upcoming Authors We offer a variety of programs including living history and writing and illustration classes. Our innovative writing programs are designed for individuals who are ready to self publish, have a manuscript that doesn't work with our From Storyboard to Print program and writers who simply prefers to work 1:1. We can customise a program specifically for you to help you to write and prepare your book for publication. Contact us to us and see how we can assist and customise our services to suit your needs. As we adapt to putting all of our programs online, please bear with us as we make changes and develop our new site From Storyboard to Print™ These are intensive programs which will help you to create a 24 or 32 page professionally printed picture book that tells your story in words and pictures. Books created in this program are sure to become treasured family heirlooms. inclusions 16 hours of direct contact time a hard copy process journal. easy to use templates and guides creative thinking, scene and character development activities design consultation, professional book and cover design pre-press and print management online support book launch.
PUBLICATION Have you got a story that you want to prepare for publication? At the Book Incubator we help people to produce, publish and market their own work. Have you written a graphic novel, family history, your memoirs or a book for your children. We offer a personalised service to help you to format, edit and create your book for the print and digital marketplace. We take on a small number of publication projects each year. From Storyboard to Print™ in-school camps Students are fully engaged in creating their own professionally printed and published book. inclusions 15 hour (5 half day) incursion a hard copy process journal. easy to use templates and guides creative thinking, scene and character development activities design consultation, professional book and cover design pre-press and print management online support book launch. school library receives one copy of each book created Programs available for years 1- 8
Bespoke Writing Services offered by the Book Incubator Whispers of Wisdom™ Whispers of Wisdom™ is a living history project designed to help you to preserve a piece of your family’s history. You or your loved one is interviewed, recorded, photographed and then one of the wonderful stories told retold and created as a beautiful 32 page picture book. All interviews are recorded and provided to the curator of the story at the end of the project. This is a bespoke and special project where the Book Incubator writing team will create your family story as a book. The stories of our elders help us to make sense of the world and our place within it. These stories are precious family treasures. Business Stories Business storytelling is the art of using stories to communicate a specific goal or a desired outcome. Business storytelling can connect with employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and investors – in fact, anyone else involved with your organisation. We can write your business story for you or teach you how to write your own. Contact us to find out how! Storytelling Circle Where the art of telling a story is taught and practiced. Coming soon in person in the South West and online.
No writing or drawing experience is necessary! All you need is a story that you would like to tell. We will help you to do the rest. It is your story, your way. Fact or fiction we will help you to write, illustrate and prepare it for publication.
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