The story behind Backyard Sustainability in the Goldfields authors: Josh Campbell and Jared Campbell photographers: Jared Campbell and family photographs

Josh and Jared are brothers living in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Kalgoorlie, located in the Goldfields of Australia has  beautiful sunsets, magnificent electrical storms, beautiful outback to explore and is a  hot and dusty place to live.  Water is in short supply.


The boys mum, Sarah, has raised her three sons to be sustainable and aware of their impact on the earth.


In this book the boys highlights many ways that they act with responsibility in their backyard, city and the lands and hopes to encourage other families to do the same in their patch of the world.


The workshop elements of this book happened via Skype as there was never an opportunity for anyone from the Book Incubator to meet the boys face-to-face during the creation process. Skype, phone calls and late night emails between Sarah and Kate and finally, the book was ready for print!


Congratulations to the Backyard Sustainability team!

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