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Bella created her first book with the Book Incubator during a From Storyboard to Print workshop at her school in 2014. She was 8 years old. Gone FIshing, is a family story about fishing on the big jetty in Busselton.


No one knew at the time that two years later she would be writing a compelling and informative  book about achievable positive actions (challenges) that encourage children to be aware of and work towards global sustainability.

Bella is concerned about how adults are taking care of the enironment. She is concerned that kids were not getting the right messages and, when she discovered the UN 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development she acted. She  wanted to write a book.  She wanted to re-write the UN’s 17 Goals for Global Sustainability – in kids speak.


She had a goal but needed a plan and she needed some help.  Kate from the Book Incubator stepped in and helped her to write and illustrate the book and walked her through the process of design and publication.


The Book Incubator is proud to sponsor and mentor Bella to achieve her goals.




Kate Heaslip and Bella Burgemeister August 2016

Bella's first book was published when she was 9. It is a story about a fishing trip with her family where they caught nothing but a sea gull and purchased hot chips for dinner.

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