community projects
building relationships by curating stories in the community gelorup is my home by Georgia Hudson
current project: growing up king city collaborative project
Growing up King City is a massive collaborative project with the "kids" of the 50's and 60's who grew up in a tiny village in Ontario. Book due for publication in 2021 A wonderful way to record lived experience in an unsettled world. With the COVID-19 virus impacting the world it is important that we all find ways of recording our experiences. Suitable 8+years. living history project DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY NOW current project: free printable journals globalCOVID-19 pandemic
A child stands up to try to protect 300-year-old Tuart trees and the animals who call Gelorup home from being destroyed in projected road works. Author: Georgia Hudson Illustrator: Finn and Georgia Hudson
maya's magical paintbrush by Ayla DeCastro charlie's alphabet book by Charlie Paganin westy the western swamp tortoise By Cathy Levett
Maya and her family are homeless but with the hope of a child and a magical paintbrush she and others find homes. Author and Illustrator: Ayla DeCastro ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS BOOK GO TO SUPPORT PEOPLE LIVING ROUGH OR HOMELESS IN THE SOUTHWEST Charlie has created the most glorious ABC book. His illustrations are endearing and gorgeous. Author and Illustrator: Charlie Paganin ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS BOOK GO TO AUTISM WA Westy is a Western Swamp Tortoise who lives in a swamp near Ellenbrook, Western Australia. The swamp is the perfect environment for Westy but sometimes Westy disappears. Where does he go? Suitable for young and old. Friends of the Western Swamp Tortoise Author: Cathy Levett
the zero to one hundred project 100 males, and 100 hundred females each representing a year from 0-100 bella's challenge A kid's take on the 17 UN Goals for Sustainable Development no fixed address™ : the stories An insight into the homeless people living in the greater Bunbury area
One hundred females and one hundred males, each representing a year from 0-100 are being interviewed and photographed for this Book Incubator community project. All participants live or work in the Greater Bunbury Area and all are making a positive contribution to their community. In the book, Bella's Challenge, children and adults alike are encouraged to step-up and take responsibility for making this planet sustainable. Co-Authors: Bela Burgemeister and Kate Heaslip Illustrator: Kate Heaslip The participants in the No Fixed Address exhibition all have stories that are currently being compiled into a book due for publication in July 2017.
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