Community Projects


The Book Incubator is active in the community building relationships, telling and curating stories and proudly  mentoring young (and not-so-young) authors and illustrators.

bella's challenge A kid's take on the 17 UN Goals for Sustainable Development

Eleven year old Bella Burgemeister is a child with  drive and passion. In her book, Bella's Challenge, she encourages children and adults alike to step up and take responsibility for making this planet sustainable.


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no fixed address™ : the stories An insight into the homeless people living in the greater Bunbury area

The participants in the No Fixed Address exhibition all have stories that are currently being compiled into a book due for publication in July 2017.


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father christmas doesn't know my address Memories of a domestic violence victim through the eyes of a child. the zero to one hundred project 100 males, and 100 hundred females each representing a year from 0-100 abc south west Reporter: Jacqueline Lynch

Domestic violence knows no boundaries.


Father Christmas Doesn’t Know my Address is a deeply moving story of courage, fear and resilience. It is a child’s musings of her everyday life.


Available July 2017





the herstory project 1 books created at Warratah Support Centre

The women who created book in this project were all victims of domestic violence. Some wrote the stories of their past some wrote stories of their hopes for the future. Being heard, being valued, being supported regardless of the story was the key.


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the herstory project 2 mini mees

One hundred females and one hundred males, each representing a year from 0-100 are being interviewed and photographed for this Book Incubator community project.


 All participants live or work in the Greater Bunbury area and all  are making a positive contribution to their community.


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This lively , down to earth, off the cuff conversation between Kylie Patchett and Kate Heaslip talks about about how empowering and freeing storytelling is. They talk about sharing stories, embracing vulnerability , finding joy and moving forward using the Book Incubator process.

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about face® A photographic celebration of people living in the Southern Highlands (2011)

A piece from that ABC interview with Kate and  Jaqui Lynch about the process of creating the No Fixed Address Project.

opening night footage Chloerissa Eddie, South West Times

A quick video showing the opening night of the No Fixed Address Exhibition.

Storytelling takes on a whole new dimension when creating mini mees. This group of  non sculptors created amazing mini mees.


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the dadda project Memories of a domestic violence victim through the eyes of a child.

Capturing the essence of the individual is Kate's signature as a photographer. This 350 page book provides the viewer with many opportunities to get an insight into the community of the Southern Highlands in NSW.


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the wais fliers a photographic documentary (2009)
the no fixed address™ exhibition An insight into the homeless people living in the greater Bunbury area

Kate Heaslip's solo exhibition Jan 28 - March 5, 2017.

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery

64 Wittenoom Street Bunbury


This photography exhibion tells the story of some of homeless people living in the greater Bunbury area.

Ten children with disabilities created books in a school holiday workshop. The process was challenging and engaging and the results speak for themselves.


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Kate spent 6 months shooting the training sessions at the female grymnasts at West Australian Institute of Sport. The results were a beautiful book of images that captured a moment in time and a piece of gymnastics history.


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the artzability project 17 young adults with disabilities each created their own books. the way of the carrot a layman's guide to finding peace (2005)

Fabulous books were created by the participants and their carers. A book launch was held where participants were celebrated and many tears of pride and joy shed.


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Kate's beautiful photography enhances  the  charismatic words of Roger Ballard on every page of this insprational book.


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