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Our one day intensive facilitator workshops will provide you with a hands on opportunity to learn the skills that your clients/students will learn in our workshops.


Facilitator Workshop for Community Care Workers: This intensive workshop will provide you with the skills to listen, engage and facilitate opportunities for other people to tell you their stories in a safe and authentic manner. By participating in a facilitator workshop you will understand the process and be better able to assist your clients as they tell their stories. We strongly recommend that community care workers attend a facilitator workshop before we run a workshop with your community group. We run workshops in From Storyboard to Print and Talking books for Community Care Workers.


Facilitator Workshop for Teachers:  Our one day intensive facilitator workshop provides you with the skills to create talking books in your classroom with your students as a pedagogical strategy. The workshop includes an introduction to talking book software, storyboarding and the creation of a talking book.

In-school Mini Mee Camps Working with trained educators, our Mini Mee In School camps are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and are available for students from Year 1-10. Students learn the process of creating armatures. sculpture and finished product as they create miniatures of themselves.

In-school literacy camps

Working with trained educators,  our In-School Literacy Camps are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and are available for students from Year PP-10. Students learn the process of writing and illustrating their own a 24 page printed picture book. 2 books  printed per student - one for the student and one for the school.

Facilitator Workshops Our facilitator workshops are designed to provide Community Care Workers and teachers with an insight into our programs and a hands on trial of the activities that their students and clients will engage in through our workshops. By experiencing the process teachers are in a position to greatly impact the outcomes. The facilitator workshop is a hands on full day session where you wil take home a mini mini mee of your own.

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