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emerging writers (especially for kids ages 12-16)

Drawing on skills learned in the young writers course, emerging writers further develop their skills and creative expression. Graphic novels  and short stories are introduced. Authors create either a text based book, a picture book or a graphic novel. Author's choice.

Emerging Writers will each create a 24 or 32 page, hard cover book.

Emerging Writers courses are run during school terms 2 and 3 in Busselton and via Zoom

Fun • Challenging • Achievable

From Storyboard to Print™ for the Young and Not-So-Young

These are intensive programs which will help you to create a wonderful 24 or 32 page professionally printed  picture book. Our programs provide direct contact time plus design consultation, professional book and cover design, pre-press and print management all at an affordable price.


All authors receive a writers kit,   easy to use templates and guides, creative thinking and problem solving activities, online support and a book launch. Books created in this program are sure to become treasured family heirlooms.


Our workshops are carefully designed and follow a defined process. By keeping the stories short authors have the opportunity to learn the process of crafting an engaging tale and then see that tale come to life as book. The books are created in children's book format using illustrations to tell and support the written story. Do not let the format deceive you – deeply personal stories and memories created as legacy books as well as fabulous fanciful tales have been created this way. While we offer a variety of programs  we are also open to bespoke initiatives. All authors are celebrated with a book launch.


We offer programs for kids and adults; Individual and group sessions, on-line and in person. Some people really enjoy working in small groups as it allows for connection with others as they create their story, while for others, the intensity of the story they want to tell sees the process work best created as an individual client. Both work.



Our award winning signature program, From Storyboard to Print™, gently guides new authors and illustrators through the process of storytelling for publication. In a few short weeks, budding authors develop their story from concept to a professionally printed hard-cover book.

young writers (especially for kids ages 8-12)

Writing is a magical  way to communicate and connect. Creative. Literacy isn’t only words – the visuals are very important too.  At the Book Incubator, we teach children to create and read pictures as they develop visual stories. We encourage children to make mistakes, have fun with words, take risks and to play with their stories on paper. The results speak for themselves.

Young Writers will each create a 24 page, full-colour hard cover book.  Book launch 6-8 weeks after  course finishes.

Young Writers are run during school term 2 and 3 in Busselton and via Zoom

storytellers (especially for kids ages 5-8 years)

Storytelling is a wonderful form of self expression. The .Storytellers program is designed to  develop story telling and story writing skills in a fun and inclusive manner.

This fun, fast-paced course is a wonderful introduction to writing for publication.

As a group the  Storytellers create one, 24-page, full colour hard cover book. Each storyteller receives  a copy of the book at the book launch.  Additional books may be ordered.

storytellers courses  are run during school term 2 and 3 in Busselton and via Zoom

the young writers program (ages 5-16)

2022 group workshops

the families project (multi-generational)

This multi-generational project connects families. The Families Project has been created as a way for  any combination of family groups (grandparents and their grandchildren | aunties/uncles  and nieces & nephews  | young child and parent  | adult children and aging parent)  – to work together on a project. This program has its own special magic. Working in a small group (maximum of 6 teams), each family works together to write and illustrate one 32 page storybook –creating what is sure to become a  treasured legacy.

The Family Project will be run online and in person in 2022 beginning in July 2022.

In person workshops are run in Busselton.

Inclusions: The Family Project Writers kit, professional book design, book launch support, four hard cover books.  Additional books may be ordered.

Book launch 6-8 weeks after course finishes.

The Family Project will begin in July  2022 in Busselton and via Zoom.

HALF PRICE SPECIAL bringing families together in 2022

the families  project

story telling in print (writing for children/family/friends)

Do you have a story you would like to see in print? Are you considering telling a family story as a children’s book? Do you have an idea that you would like to see in print? This program develops storytelling and illustration skills for authors and illustrators through a set of empowering workshops that guide storytellers through the process of storytelling for print, pre-press and ultimately to the printing of your story as hard cover book of up to 64 pages published for family and friends.

We offer this program as both a 10 week and a 20 week course.

Prefer to work on your own? We offer individual sessions too.

The Storytelling in Print Group and Individual Workshops being in February 2022.


Do you ever imagine seeing your story in print as a picture book? Writing your memoir is a wonderful gift to give yourself and to your family. We will give you a pathway to creating your story in a manner that is interesting and engaging for your audience. Our set of empowering writing and illustration workshops will guide you through the process of storytelling for publication, pre-press and ultimately to the printing of your story as hard cover book of up to 64 pages published for family and friends.


Five, up to 64 page books included books included in this program.

Prefer to work on your own? We  also offer individual sessions.

The Snippets group and Individual Workshops being in February 2022.

programs for not- so- young writers

community groups

We will create a workshop specific to your community group,  provide a wide range of creative activities,  introduce your group to a variety of writing and  illustration techniques as we help your clients to structure their stories. No experience is required but a sense of humour is essential!


Creating books as a member of a familiar group may provide security for new authors. Each group member's story is professionally printed as a full colour,  hard cover book. Individual stories are celebrated within the group.

From Storyboard to Print™ gently guides all participants (and mentors/support workers) through the process of storytelling for publication. Authors are provided with a storyboards, creative  activities and drawing and writing challenges. Self efficacy is built and people thrive in this fun, interactive, weekly on-line group  The workshops are fun, challenging and achievable for all.

We offer significantly discounted rates for NFP organisations please contact us to find out how your group can join in.


Individual Sessions

Please contact us for detailed information as this offering may be possible for members of your community group.

in-school literacy camps

From Storyboard to Print™ provides schools fabulous interactive and fun workshops, design consultation, professional book & cover design, pre-press and print management at an affordable cost. Because we know the difference this program can make for children, we offer our in-school camps at a hugely reduced rate.

Building on our From Storyboard to Print™ program, we will create a bespoke In-School Camp for your school/class, designing a program that works for you and your school and aligns with the Australian Curriculum. We invite the classroom teacher to create their own book alongside the children

Please contact us and let’s see how we can create a special program for your  group.

Some young writers tell a personal story while others may delve into their imagination and surprise us all with what shows up on paper. We provide a comprehensive process journal for each student. The process journals create a thorough record of the development of their ideas into stories and illustrations, and ultimately for publication.  Students learn about book design and are introduced to the publication process. When the stories and illustrations are completed, our design team will work their magic in the studio and create fabulous, page layouts.

A book launch celebration will be held to honour the new authors and their books. At the launch one copy of each book will be presented to the author and one copy to the school library.

This program can be run via Zoom or in person.


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