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From Storyboard to Print is the Book  Incubator's signature program. Normally this program runs in a small group workshop. FOr the very timid however, it can however be run as a one to one boutique prgram.  As the name suggests, this workshop takes participants through the whole process of creating a book - from the initial  storyboard right through to professional printing. When the final story and illustrations are ready, our editing team check for spelling and grammar errors. The voice of the author is not touched. The final copy and illustrations then go into our design studio where our designers prepare each book individually and ensure that the final product clearly reflects the voice of the author. The books are sent to print and upon return the workshop group meets again for a book launch where the new authors and illustrators are celebrated.


Materials Included: Workbook, drawing templates, basic drawing materials, 2 books printed per participant and book launch.


Additions: ISBN numbers available for those who want to be able to sell their books.


One - one sessions are available to a limited number of clients. Please contact us directly regarding this service.

Self Publishing Perhaps you are a blogger who woulld like to consolidate your posts into a book. We can help. Or, maybe you have written a graphic novel, family history, your memoirs or a book for your children. We offer a personalised service to help you to format, edit and create your book for the print and digital marketplace. Please contact us directly for more information on this service.

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From Storyboard to Print

My Story.

Our signature program, but conducted on a one to one basis, this is an intense program which will help,you to create a wonderful 24 or 32 page picture book.

Please contact us directly for more information on this service.

Whispers of Wisdom

Whispers of Wisdom the living history project sees the Book Incubator writing and creating books as a customised and personal serviece.


Please contact us directly for more information on this service.

Story Telling Coming soon in Eaton. A Storytelling circle!

Talking Books

Working with photographs and an already written story, a talking book is created using easily assessible software and digital applications.

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