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Our In-school camps provide students from year 1-10 with visual art and literacy workshops that are aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Taught by registered teachers our camps allow  classroom teachers to engage in the activities with their students. Our multi modal workshops are inclusive and contain in-built scaffolding to meet the needs of different learners. and learning styles.  All students are provided with workbooks/learning guides and an educator guide is provided for teachers.


Please contact us directly to see how we can work together to create an in-school camp that will benefit your students and work in with your school goals.

In-school Mini Mee Camps Working with trained educators, our Mini Mee In School camps are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and are available for students from Year 1-10. Students learn the process of creating armatures. sculpture and finished product as they create miniatures of themselves.

In-school literacy camps

Working with trained educators,  our In-School Literacy Camps are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and are available for students from Year PP-10. Students learn the process of writing and illustrating their own a 24 page printed picture book. 2 books  printed per student - one for the student and one for the school.

Facilitator Workshops Our facilitator workshops are designed to provide Community Care Workers and teachers with an insight into our programs and a hands on trial of the activities that their students and clients will engage in through our workshops. By experiencing the process teachers are in a position to greatly impact the outcomes. The facilitator workshop is a hands on full day session where you wil take home a mini mini mee of your own.

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