MEET THE AUTHOR JOSEF BANDERA Hi. I’m Josef. I’m a young man with a disability that’s got a lot of opinions. I’ve written two books about my life and about my interesting and quirky sense of humour. I have an intellectual disability and autism but that does not let me get down. In life I’m a bit of a character like one of my awesome mentors, Kate, tells me. I am funny and curious about things around me. Especially people. I am curious about people. Thank you for looking at my author’s page. I’m a passionate man and knows a lot about different things and who is also entertaining. So, if you want to know more about me please read my books. In them I tell you about myself and my quirky life. Who knows what quirky things you’ll find from the from the crazy fella, that is me, Josef.
THE DIRT ROAD (2020) This rollicking book was written for Josef, his family and selected friends. He speaks from lived experience of disability and how hard it can be in an ablest world. The Dirt Road, tells the story of the fella you know. JOSEF (2022) After the success of his first book, The Dirt Road, Josef has worked hard to create a book to share with the broader public. If you know him well, then you know what he is like and know that he is going to talk deeply about his life and his struggles. If you do not know home so well, hang on tight and enjoy the ride. This is a story about a guy that has got a lot to say about living with a disability and the things that have happened in his life, then this book is for you. “I’ve gone through some bloody hard times and some funny times too!”


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