Malcolm Paine, Gus Henderson and Mary Morgan

In addition to our signature From Storyboard to Print™ program, we offer three Living Legend opportunities.

Writing your own story, the story of a family member or the story of an event is powerful and rewarding.

Family connections are often enhanced as stories are developed..

We will walk you through how to tell your story as if we were sitting down at the kitchen table having a cuppa.

Our legacy books are specifically designed to help you to create a beautiful family story that will become a treasured legacy.

LIVING LEGENDS: Life Story author workshops

 Write & publish your memoir or family story.

Writing your story is powerful and rewarding. We  work with you to tell, write, design and construct your story in a meaningful, authentic way.

This may be your own story or the story of a family member or event. Up to 50, 000 words and 20 photographs. Included.

 Writing your story may feel daunting but we will do out best to relive the stress and help you to really enjoy the process. We strongly recommend that people do a from Storyboard to Print book before engaging in the Life Stories program. If you are unsure, talk to us. - we want to offer you the best experience possible.

We will supply a clear format to guide you as you collect your data, help you with content creation and provide online support.

Our design team will then collaborate with you to plan and develop page designs in a meaningful way that support and enhance your project.

In a few short weeks your story will develop from an idea to a print ready book then go into the design studio to be prepared for print, go to print



Included in our program is extended consultation with our design team who will collaborate with you to plan and develop page designs that work for you and your project.

This  bespoke service is very special and rewarding for the both writer and the reader..



        •  Small group (maximum 5 participants)  Private workshops available.

  • 20 x 2-hour workshops
  • Private Facebook support group
  • Process journal/workbook
  •  Individual book and cover design consultation,
  •  Pre-press and print management.
  •  Editorial service available

        •   Our designers will create a professional layout and book cover for you.

        •   Ten,  6x9" hard cover books

        •   Book Launch support

LIVING LEGENDS: Learn how to capture family stories

An opportunity to learn how to interview, record and organise your files as you collect family histories

The  family stories that surround us are treasures. In this short course you will  be introduced to techniques  that will enable you to collect and preserve your family stories for present and future generations.

All groups have a maximum of 10 participants.

Course duration                               Modality                                        Cost                                  Next Workshop

Two 3- hour sessions                Face to Face                                      $425                                  Busselton, WA.  April, 2022

Three  2- hour sessions                 Zoom                                             $425                                 April 2022


Resource materials, online support, private facebook support group, laughter.

LIVING LEGENDS: Whispers of Wisdom

We co-author your story with you. Your voice, our writing skills.

This is a bespoke collaborative service is offered for people who would prefer someone else to write their story from them.  .

We will work alongside you as you tell your story, Different to ghost writing this is a co-authoring opportunity to work alongside a

writer to tell your story using your voice.

All Whispers of Wisdom  projects are quoted individually but  include the following  distinct sections:

1. Interviews and research to get to know you and your story.

2.  Planning and outlining your book

3.  Writing the content

4.  Revisions

5.  Copy editing to eliminate spelling and grammar errors

6.  Pre-press and publication

7. Celebration book launch

Please note that this process take 8-18 months depending upon the story.

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