MEET AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR MITCHELL AVERY Mitchell Avery was born in Bunbury, Western Australia, in 1997. Diagnosed autistic as a two- year-old, he lived with his family in a few different towns in the South West, before settling in Busselton at the age of ten. Mitchell cares deeply for family and friends, and he has a strong attachment to animals – especially the family pets – including his stubborn black staffy named Maddie. Always creative, the inspiration to become a writer happened when the author was very young. As a child, he liked to tell stories about things he knew and loved watching and listening to. He would tell stories in bed at night and act out stories with his hands in class at school. At thirteen, Mitchell placed in the top ten in a WA writing competition for his short poem, ‘Scary Poem’. As an adult, Mitchell has a fondness for classic literature. The works of authors such as David Walliams and Roald Dahl are among his favourites. Mitchell is a prolific writer, his mind ablaze with thousands of ideas. Dedicated to his craft, Mitchell spends hours writing each day, and hopes to change the world into a better place.
GALACTIC WARFRONT BOOK 1 THE PROPHESIZED ONE (2020) This is the first of Mitchell’s new series of books. This is a short science fiction work, a warm up, but some day, a remake adapted and inspired from the short story will build it up into a bigger universe, Galactic Warfront. ACID CATALYST (2021) This a story about a professor who struggles to control his temper while dealing with a hassle of haughty, snotty students. Professor Jefferies teaches how to mix base and acid chemicals together. What could go wrong? ARTHUR AND AMBERLIE (2022) Inspired by William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The author presents the tale of feuding families and their adult children, Arthur and Amberlie. Arthur and Amberlie escape the rigidity of their parents' homes and seek independence. When they meet, it is love at first-sight. Their love blossoms despite the intentions of the envious villain, Duke Rochefort, who seeks to have Amberlie for himself. Can Arthur and Amberlie help end this family feud and beat the Duke? ISLE OF THE BANSHEE (2023) Set in the supernatural world, this is the story of how an expedition team headed to sea off the coast of Great Britain seeking to prove a myth as fact. Sadly the team fell one-by-one. until an unlikely champion survived to tell the tale of loss, adventure, betrayal and excitement.
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