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Your story is important. Working with our team of dedicated educators and facilitators in a small and friendly group, you will be guided and supported as you tell your story in print. The From Storyboard to Print public workshops are fun, challenging and achievable. The books created in these workshops become treasured family heirlooms.


Minimum number of participants - 6 Maximum number of participants - 8


No writing or drawing experience is necessary!


All you need to have is a story that you would like to tell.

We will help you to do the rest.


Included in the cost:

• a workbook and drawing templates for each participant

• basic art materials – drawing templates, pencils, textas, coloured pencils and crayons

• a book launch to celebrate the new authors and illustrators

• Two copies of each book created (additional copies available)

At the Book Incubator we ask a simple question: What's your story?  We recognise that for some people that seemingly simple question unearths an internal mine field of emotions. It is because of this that we run our workshops in very small and emotionally nurturing  groups where people are offered the safety and support to tell their stories - often for the first time. Each participant's voice is listened to and heard. We pride ourselves in creating environments where this can happen - no matter who you are and no matter what your story is.


Our two signature programs, From Storyboard to Print and the creation of self portraits known as Mini Mees gently guide participants through the process of telling their stories in an authentic manner. From Storyboard to Print sees participants develop a story idea from concept to a book, ready to be professionally printed all within 15 hours of contact time.


The Mini Mee workshops present people with an opportunity to be kind and nurturing to themselves as they create their small self portraits. Both programs inclusive and have far reaching mental health benefits for both children and adults.


We invite you to explore our services and see what we offer that may be of interest to you, your community group, or school.

Community Group Workshops

Our community arts development workshops are powerful and engaging for any community group. Each workshop is customised for the community that we are working with.

2 books  printed per participant.

Additional books are available to be published as an income stream for the community.

Writing for Individuals We can help you with graphic novels, family or local history, memoir or fiction books for children and adults. Please feel free to talk to us about your project. Working directly with Kate and her team, we offer a personalised service to help you to format, edit and create your book for the print and digital marketplace. Please contact us directly for more information on this service.

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In-school literacy camps

Working with trained educators,  our in-school literacy camps are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and are available for students from Year 1-10. Students learn the process of writing and illustrating their own a 24 page printed picture book. 2 books  printed per student - one for the student and one for the school.

Whispers of Wisdom

Whispers of Wisdom the living history project sees the Book INcubator writing and creating books as a customised and personal serviece. Please contact us for further information abou tthis wonderful inititive.

Adults' Workshops In our friendly small group workshops you will learn the process of writing and illustrating your story as you create a 24 page printed picture book. 2 books printed per participant. Maximum group size: 12 Specific workshops are offered throughout the year. Facilitator Workshops Our facilitator workshops are designed to provide Community Care Workers and teachers with an insight into our programs and a hands on trial of the activities that their students and clients will engage in through our workshops. By experiencing the process teachers are in a position to greatly impact the outcomes. The facilitator workshop is a hands on full day session.

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