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The Book Incubator can help you to capture living memories of your community or community group.  We believe that communities should own their own stories and share them the way they want to. Some communities may choose to share publicly through social media, some through printed works. Some may choose to keep the stories within the group. Whichever way your group has in mind we will customize a workshop program for you. Please contact us to find out more about how we can work together.


We strongly recommend that if you a community care worker or advocate  interested in running one of our customized workshops for your  group that you first attend either a public workshop or a facilitator's workshop to gain understanding and experience  of our process and how how we can best partner with you. If this is not possible we recommend that an arrangement is made for the community care workers to attend a pre workshop seminar to gain an insight to the process.

Public Workshops In our friendly small group workshops you will learn the process of writing and illustrating your story as you create a 24 page printed picture book. 2 books printed per participant. Maximum group size: 12 Specific workshops are offered throughout the year.

Community Group Workshops

Our community arts development workshops are powerful and engaging for any community group. Each workshop is customised for the community that we are working with.

2 books  printed per participant.

Additional books are available to be published as an income stream for the community.

In-school literacy camps

Working with trained educators,  our in-school literacy camps are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and are available for students from Year 1-10. Students learn the process of writing and illustrating their own a 24 page printed picture book. 2 books  printed per student - one for the student and one for the school.

Facilitator Workshops Our facilitator workshops are designed to provide Community Care Workers and teachers with an insight into our programs and a hands on trial of the activities that their students and clients will engage in through our workshops. By experiencing the process teachers are in a position to greatly impact the outcomes. The facilitator workshop is a hands on full day session.

Whispers of Wisdom

Whispers of Wisdom the living history project sees the Book Incubator writing and creating books as a customised and personal service. Please contact us for further information about this wonderful initiative.

Writing for Individuals We can help you with graphic novels, family or local history, memoir or fiction books for children and adults. Please feel free to talk to us about your project. Working directly with Kate and her team, we offer a personalised service to help you to format, edit and create your book for the print and digital marketplace. Please contact us directly for more information on this service.

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