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The From Storyboard to Print™ In-School Literacy Camp is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and provides multi modal learning experiences for students from years 1 -10. The camp provides  wonderful opportunities for classroom teachers to engage with their students as they are guided through the process of creating a picture book.


All books are professionally printed.


The camps are designed to be flexible work and with the school. They can be run as a full week camp running for three hours for 5 consecutive days or by negotiation, an alternative time structure.


Although the Book Incubator is based in WA these in-school camps can be run anywhere in Australia. Our facilitators are registered teachers.


The From Storyboard to Print™ In-School Literacy Camps are available for students from year 1 through to year 10. Mixed ages of students are welcomed.


Cost: For schools in Perth and Bunbury areas the cost is $275 per student. Minimum number of students - 20

          Please contact us directly so we can discuss your needs.


Included in the cost:

• 15 hours of explicit teaching time

• a workbook and drawing templates for the students

• a teacher's resource manual

• a book launch to celebrate the new authors and illustrators

• Two copies of each book created – one for the student and one for the school (additional copies available).

talking books: facilitator workshops for teachers


The two day workshop will walk you through various techniques of creating talking books for use in your classroom as an instructional tool and as a way for students to create their own stories. During the workshop you will recieve practical, hands on experiential learning as you create your own talking book. Digital books have many applications in the classroom and beyond.


Workshops can be designed specifically for your teaching team or, you can join a public workshop.

In-school literacy camps

Working with trained educators,  our In-School Literacy Camps are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and are available for students from Year PP-10. Students learn the process of writing and illustrating their own a 24 page printed picture book. 2 books  printed per student - one for the student and one for the school.

In-school Talking Book Camps Available August 2017
In-school Mini Mee Camps Working with trained educators, our Mini Mee In School camps are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and are available for students from Year 1-10. Students learn the process of creating armatures. sculpture and finished product as they create miniatures of themselves.

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Professional Development for Teachers. Our Professional development are designed to provide teachers with an insight into our programs and a hands on trial of the activities that their students will engage in. By experiencing the process teachers are in a position to greatly impact the outcomes. The Professional development Day workshop is a hands on full day session.

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