The books created by women who are victims of sexual abuse/assault and family domestic violence through the HERSTORY project exceeded all anticipated outcomes. A lot of research went into the project initially to ensure the outcomes for the women were therapeutic, not just enjoyable. Those involved were provided with a safe, protected and supported environment, where they could process their our trauma experience through the process of writing and illustrating their own books about their own stories. Some of the women told their story for the first time during the process of the workshop series, these women described the experience as cathartic and healing. Watching and listening to the women as they received their books at the book launch was an emotionally charged experience with tears of joy and words of accomplishment for doing something of their own for themselves. The sense of achievement was palpable for all members of the HERSTORY workshop including the counsellors and support staff. I am already looking forward to providing opportunities for more women to do a series of Book Incubator workshops! Well done Book Incubator! And thank you so much Kate for being the person you are who could be sensitive and nurturing through the workshop series. TRUDI RUANE, CEO WARATAH SUPPORT CENTRE, BUNBURY, WA Our school had the opportunity to do both the Mini Mee Workshop and the From Storyboard to Print Workshop in 2014. The children enjoyed both programs and, as educators, we saw the value that these workshops provided to our students! KARRON MACDONALD & LEONIE O’CONNELL, PRINCIPALS, CHILD SIDE SCHOOL,WA The Book Incubator Program is wonderful. I would highly recommend it. Our students completely engaged in the whole process. The school library has 29 new books and each year 5 author/illustrator proudly took home a copy of their own book. JOE FASOLO, PRINCIPAL, MOUNT PLEASANT PRIMARY SCHOOL, WA I just love this organisation! Thank you for the incredible work you do in the community... indeed, EVERYONE has a unique and worthy story, that deserves sharing. thank you Book Incubator. MONICA MARKOVINA, ARTIST, SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS, NSW Top stuff Kate - makes my heart sing! HOLLICE RUNDLE, MENTONE, VICTORIA I have been on a high since our book launch, and have pondered on how I could express my feelings with all the wonderful outcomes since putting pencils to paper. Your commitment, skills, great empathy and humor was a pleasure to be part of, and gave me strength to continue during challenging creative moments. You gave me permission to do my own thing, without any feelings of judgement. Thank you. PARTICIPANT, THE HERSTORY PROJECT Thank you! Our family now has the most wonderful treasure! PARENT, DADAA PROJECT, FREMANTLE, WA Watching Kate work with the children is amazing. I don't know how Kate does it ... the kids were telling her all this gobbedly gook ... she stayed focused on what they were on about and encouraged them to get their thoughts on paper. Now look at these incredible books they have created! They warm to her, she nurtures them, they tell her their stories and create fabulous outcomes. Well done! GIB GATE PARENT, SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS, NSW I really wanted to do this but I didn't think I would be able. Thank you! I am so proud of myself! K. WILLARD,SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS, NSW

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