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Reg leaned back in his chair and smiled. He drew a deep breath and told the story of how he met his wife of 65 years as if no one had ever asked him before ...


The picnics by the river, the chaperones, the stolen kisses and the nervousness when he asked for her hand in marriage. Reg told this story (and many others) as he spent the morning being interviewed for Whispers of Wisdom™, the Living History Project.


Copious cups of tea were consumed while laughing, sharing, discovering and recording the stories of old. The morning was a melting pot of Reg's family history recorded and preserved as the two worked together.


One story, the one mentioned above, was soon retold in a 32 page book.  Reg's story was published and his family now have a priceless  connection to their past.  A treasure that they can hold in their hands. They have a book that tells the story of the courtship in Reg's own words  and, they have the sequel, the story of raising the family on the farm called After the Cake.


There is an intrinsic human need to share our stories. To be heard To be valued To have a voice Through the telling of stories about our everyday lives we connect to each other, to ourselves and to our communities. At the Book Incubator™ we provide safe, nurturing and inclusive opportunities for people of all ages to tell, write and publish their stories.

Our own stories and the stories of our elders help us to make sense of the world and our place within it.


These stories are precious family treasures.

Is there someone special in your life whose story needs to be told?

Kathleen and her young grandson, Cameron, imagined a secret garden together. A place where Cameron, who had a brain tumour, could go when he was in pain or could not sleep. It was a safe and friendly place. A place of comfort for both Cameron and Kathleen.


Many years after Cameron died, Kathleen told this moving and beautiful story of the garden that she and cameron had created.


I really wanted to do this but I didn't think I would be able.  Thank you! I am so proud of myself!

K. Willard,Southern Highlands, NSW

whispers of wisdom™, the living history project share your story or the story of a loved one in print. one person • one story • one book at a time

Whispers of Wisdom™ is a living history project designed to help you to preserve a piece of your family’s history.


You or your loved one is interviewed, recorded, photographed and then one of the wonderful stories told  retold and created as a beautiful 32 page picture book.


All stories are recorded on a memory stick and provided to the curator of the story.


5 copies of the book are printed for you to share with family and friends. Additional books are available for purchase.

 celebrating the stories of people we love

 honours a piece of ourselves



The live program is available for people living from Perth to Margaret River, Western Australia.**


10 beautifully printed 32 page books

You can be the author or act as the curator of the story.


A family member acts as a curator of the story.  What this means is that the curator contacts Kate directly and works with her to organise a time and date to interview the story teller.


Kate will spend a minimum of nine hours with the storyteller at a venue that is comfortable and safe for the  storyteller.

  • One family member or support person is welcome to come along.
  • During this time the stories are heard, recorded and embraced.
  • This is an opportunity for the storyteller to be honoured and to embrace   the stories of their life.


The curator, story teller and Kate agree on which story will be created into the book.


The "interview" is a gentle process which tends to involve copious cups of tea and a significant amount of laughter.


Illustrations for the picture book are created using family photos or original artwork by participant or other family members.


All interviews are recorded and the recordings are saved on a memory stick for the family member.


The story (under 1000 words) is written and provided to the curator or author  for approval.


The storyteller is professionally photographed.


10 beautifully printed soft cover books are presented to you.


Hard cover books are available at an additional cost.


PDF of book supplied for online viewing and sharing with friends.



Kate Heaslip Founder & Creative Director, Book Incubator M.Des, BDes, GradDipED Kate’s belief that everyone has a story to tell drives every creative program and workshop that she develops and is the driving force behind the foundation of the Book Incubator. Kate has a wealth of knowledge of the creative industries that comes from decades of experience and commitment to all things arty. She teaches writing and design at the tertiary level, in schools, and runs creative workshops with businesses, community groups, schools and the general public. Known for her empathy and compassion mixed with a rather wicked sense of humour, Kate has the ability to quickly create a bond with the people that she works with. Kate's belief in the importance of written, visual and oral literacy though the medium of storytelling sees her as a sought after speaker in the corporate sector, in communities and at creative forums.

From Storyboard to Print

Our signature program, but conducted on a one to one basis, this is an intense program which will help,you to create a wonderful 24 or 32 page picture book.


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Self Publishing

Perhaps you are a blogger who woulld like to consolifat your posts into a book. We can help.

Or, maybe you have written a graphic novel, family history, your memoirs or a book for your children. We offer a personalised service to help you to format, edit and create your book for the print and digital marketplace.

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Whispers of Wisdom

Whispers of Wisdom the living history project sees the Book INcubator writing and creating books as a customised and personal serviece.


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Talking Books

Working with photographs and an already written story a talking book is created using easily assessible softwars and digital applicaitons.

Story Telling Coming soon in Eaton. A Storytelling circle!

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Your investment for this family legacy $1,549

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