young writers program



This multi-generational workshop  connects families. Grandies has been created  as a way for grandparents and their grandchildren (or aunties and nieces & nephews  or children and parents, or adult children and aging parent  – any combination of family groups) to work together on a project. This program has its own special magic. Working in a small group (maximum of 6 teams), each family team works together to write and illustrate one story,  creating what is sure to become a  treasured legacy.


We provide a wide range of creative activities,  introduce you to a variety of illustration techniques and help you to structure your story.  This workshop series is perfect for grandparents and grand children or parent and child,. No special art tools are required but a sense of humour is essential!


From Storyboard to Print™ gently guides the storytelling  team through the process of storytelling for publication. Provided with a workbook, storyboards, creative  activities and drawing and writing challenges, this fun, interactive, on-line weekly  group workshop is sure to both appeal and inspire. The workshop is fun, challenging and achievable for all!


  • Small group (Maximum 12 participants, 6 family groups of 2)
  • 8 x 2 hour sessions
  •  You will be supplied with a workbook, a storyboard and inspiration galore!
  •  In a few short weeks your story will develop from an idea to a print ready book. .



  •  Understanding the importance of valuing individual voices, we encourage collaboration and love the our editors will not change your child's words or your child's story. They will check for spelling and grammar.
  •  Working alongside your child, our designers will create a professional layout and book cover for their book.
  • 4 x 24 page, full colour, hard-cover books are included in this program.
  •  Additional books may be ordered at anytime


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